Welcome to my portfolio. I am the Digital Scholarship & Data Management Librarian in the IUPUI University Library, Center for Digital Scholarship. I also serve as subject liaison to the Fairbanks School of Public Health. Before becoming a librarian, I worked as a research coordinator in clinical and behavioral psychology. My first lab studied movement disorders from cognitive and clinical psychology perspectives. The second lab studied behavioral interventions for autism spectrum disorders in clinical and educational settings. These experiences piqued my interest in the research process beyond the lab and continue to inform my library research related interests. Working in psychology has lent a behavioral perspective to how I view research practices and the scholarly ecosystem. Exposure to evidence-based practice (EBP) in psychology and medicine piqued my interest in how EBP can improve librarianship and LIS research. To this end, I strive to conduct practical research and gather useful data to inform my practice as a data librarian and subject liaison.

Research interests

  • practical data management, preservation, and curation strategies
  • program evaluation and assessment of emerging library services
  • the intersection of data management with data integrity and the responsible conduct of research
  • bibliometric analysis and use of altmetrics as indicators of engagement with and impact of scholarly products (e.g., articles, books, data, code, digital collections, teaching materials, grey literature, etc.)
  • social network analysis as a method for understanding scholarly communication systems and practices

Instructional & reference interests

  • providing effective instruction on data management strategies and data information literacy
  • data management strategies as essential components of project management
  • data management strategies to promote the responsible conduct of research
  • broad information literacy instruction for graduate students
  • knowledge management strategies, workflows, and tools for researchers and students

Contact me at coates dot hl at gmail dot com.

Find me online at:

Impact Story  |  Slideshare | Twitter | Center for Digital Scholarship

ORCID 0000-0003-4290-6997

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