impact metrics, evaluation, and web analytics


Agenda for 20130612

  • sample evidence page incorporating citation metrics and altmetrics for promotion and tenure workshop in the fall
  • DST evaluation plan
  • DSP evaluation
  • streaming video webinar
  • reading on web analytics and Google Analytics

Sample evidence page for dossier workshop

  • gathering evidence for LZ is difficult and time-consuming because the relevant disciplines aren’t covered very well in Web of Science or Scopus
  • evidence is too spread out; citations are inconsistently formatted; time-consuming to do web searching
  • cited reference search has to be done across multiple sources; frustrating because I’m not fluent in this process
  • little social media presence
  • lots of uncertainty about how to gather this efficiently and present it in a cohesive way that could be standardized across faculty members and disciplines

DST evaluation plan

  • review where we left off
  • consider low-hanging fruit for new space and services
  • need to inventory existing data and determine how to store and manage for easiest analysis

DSP evaluation plan

  • finalize post-consultation questionnaire
  • review plan
  • finish entering workshop questionnaire data for analysis

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