reading group, data management lit review, public health resources for IHS Summit

Agenda for June 14, 2013

  • data management lit review – gather book notes for import into NVIVO
  • work on manuscript
  • MLA systematic review team – search terms
  • reflect on annual meeting with Dean – immediate next steps?
  • monthly reading group discussion
  • agenda for July WAC meeting
  • meet with B to discuss public health workshop for Indiana Health Sciences Summit

Monthly reading group discussion

Wiegand, W. A. (1999). Tunnel visions and blind spots: What the past tells us about the present: Reflections on the Twentieth-Century History of American Librarianship, The Library Quarterly, 69(1), 1-32.

Questions to explore further:

  • LIS has borrowed from many domains, but what is central to LIS/librarianship – information/knowledge management? information literacy?
  • How do we “take back” skills and practices we’ve outsourced to other disciplines? What is worth taking back?
  • Value of the MLS as a stand-alone degree? Perhaps it is more valuable as a dual-degree program when grounded in a particular discipline?

Data Management Lit Review

By Heather L. Coates

2 comments on “reading group, data management lit review, public health resources for IHS Summit

    • So far, I’ve been do exploratory coding, with some text queries, to get familiar with the software and figure out the workflow. Once I’ve completed the reading and annotating phase, I’ll move more heavily into coding, text queries, and some visualization. Still early days.

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