data management lit review, poster proposal

Agenda for June 19 & 21, 2013

  • data management lit review
    • continue gathering notes from Best Practices in Data Cleaning
    • read “Determining data information literacy needs: A study of students and research faculty”
  • draft poster proposal for Data Info Lit Symposium on data management lit review

Data Management Lit Review

Thoughts on progress so far. Extracting strategies from the literature has been slower than I anticipated, in part because the implications for data management are often not explicitly stated in discussions of design, processing, and analysis. (Given that I’m currently wading through stats texts, this shouldn’t be a surprise.) For example, in the Best Practices in Data Cleaning text by Jason W. Osborne, the text is written to help readers improve their statistical analysis. Often, this is related to more careful research design and detailed project planning – useful for data management too – but there are other suggestions that can inform data management practices. Unfortunately, these ideas are organized around statistical concepts like power, sampling, and robustness to deviation from assumption. Translating his  suggestions into actionable strategies for data management takes time and more judgment regarding applicability than I planned for. At this point, though, I’m finding so much worthwhile information in statistics texts that it seems worth the extra time and effort.

By Heather L. Coates

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