all things data management

July 1 – 7

  • NSF DMP tutorial
  • data management lit review – Best Practices in Quantitative Methods
  • REDCap for data services program evaluation data

National Science Foundation Data Management Plan tutorial

Attendance at the quarterly workshops has been respectable, but each time there are several who register and do not/are unable to attend. Coupled with the sense that there are many more who don’t want to attend a 90-minute workshop for what they consider an afterthought in the proposal development process, I decided to develop a brief tutorial to introduce the basics. My hope is not that people will watch the tutorial instead of attending the workshop, but that people who weren’t attending the workshops will watch the tutorial; thus, extending our reach. Will that actually happen? I have no idea. We’ll see what the data looks like next year. The second motivation for getting the tutorial done over the summer was to refresh my elearning skills and dip my toes into Captivate once again. (Disclaimer: The tutorial is essentially a slideshow with audio, not true elearning, but it’s a step forward.) In the hopes that the federal funding agency implementations in response to the OSTP Directive are strong and progressive, I want to be ready to scale up fairly quickly. I’m also hoping that some of our liaisons will take a peek.

Data management lit review

The deep dive (for me) into statistical analysis and data handling continues. I’m purposely front-loading this part of the lit review while things are relatively quiet on campus, but some days it seems as though I’m getting nowhere. My notes do tend to stray from strict data management issues, but I’m filling in lots of gaps in my understanding. It seems worth the extra bit of time. I haven’t touched NVIVO in a couple of weeks because I’ve been heavy into reading and gathering notes. Once the software license has been purchased and is installed on my work desktop, I’ll be playing around with a bit more. I am going to code the corpus for each field as I complete the reading and note-taking phase, but it’s going to be August, at least, when I take that up.

As I wade through the stats texts, I’m also working on my search strategy for the LIS/archives/preservation literature. At this point, the following databases are on my list, but additional suggestions are welcome.

  • Library and Information Science Abstracts
  • Library, Information Science and Technology Abstracts
  • Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science

Computer Science

  • ACM Digital Library
  • IEEE Xplore
  • Books 24×7
  • cross-platform ebook search

REDCap for program evaluation data

I’ve been recommending this tool to researchers for over a year now. Since I’m not impressed with SurveyMonkey, especially when it comes to data management, and I don’t think we’ll be getting Qualtrics anytime soon, I’m taking the dive. More on this later, once I’ve entered the existing data and have attempted to map variables across questionnaires.

By Heather L. Coates

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