A day in the life…Thursday, 4/10/14

I often enjoy reading this type of post from other IT/IS professionals, so I’ve decided to do one myself. Although my days vary widely, I’ve gotten into a fairly regular weekly pattern. Thursday is my pack-everything-in-so-I-can-keep-other-days-open day. Sometimes this approach works, mostly it doesn’t. It does typically leave me with two full afternoons a week to do “deep” work, if I can keep myself focused.

7:00-9:00am: Get up with E and get everyone ready for the day. E didn’t sleep well last night, so she’s fairly whiny and dawdles…a lot.

9:25am: Drop E off at daycare, struggling to extract her from my leg. One of E’s two regular teachers is off on Thursdays, and they have student teachers in on Thursdays, which makes her more shy than usual. I’m running late so I don’t have time to sit with her during circle.

9:35am: Arrive at the office. Get settled, say hi to colleagues in my area, check email.

10:00am: Digital Scholarship Team meeting (monthly). Typically, this is quick because our Director is efficient ūüôā Today, we share updates and the meeting takes nearly the full hour. Not a bad thing since we all have updates to share. Several conversations TBC in more specific topical meetings.

11:00am: I have a free hour to catch up on email, touch base with colleagues about a data bootcamp we want to offer this summer, schedule consultations, clean up my list of things to read, etc. This hour goes too quickly!

12:00pm: Click on the link to watch the ACRL Forum “Creating a Culture of Assessment in Academic Libraries” and heat up my lunch (leftovers). At 12:06pm, I realize the email says 12:00pm Central, so I get back to work. I could have offered office hours to public health students after all.¬†

1:00pm: Time for double/triple duty. I have my weekly chat session from 1-3, along with manning the Center for my weekly Open Hours shift. I also typically bring tedious work, since we don’t have a lot of walk-in traffic during my shift. I don’t have to walk far, my office in the Center and during Open Hours, I move 15 feet to one of the available digitization stations. Today, chat was somewhat busy the first hour with no requests during the second. Since our posters for the campus¬†Research Day were printed today, I spent some time reviewing them my colleagues. That led to a discussion about the next steps for improving the OCR of one of our newspaper collections. We’ll likely report on that at our statewide library conference in November, and possibly ACRL 2015.

3:00pm: Finishing up an email response to people who provided information on costing curation services. Articulating my thoughts on this is difficult and time-consuming because I have no prior¬†experience in developing a business case. My brain just doesn’t think this way naturally.

4:00pm:¬†Finally, get around to the follow up email and data management plan draft from my consultation with a master’s student yesterday.

4:45pm: Help the Admin Assistant to the Dean for public health search Scopus for the Dean’s recent publications…CV update. Send instructions for setting up alerts when new publications are added.

5:15pm: One of the departments in the our¬†School of Public Health has decided they want their publications in our institutional repository (yay!), so I start checking author rights for six faculty…several of whom have lengthy CVs. A good problem to have, but it highlights the challenges in our current hodge-podge system. Our Scholarly Communication Librarian and I are meeting on Monday to streamline the mediated deposit process.¬†These types of things make me wish I was a better programmer so I could write a script to extract all the relevant information from their CVs.

6:30pm: Tidy up and head home to have dinner and play with E before bedtime at 8:00pm. 



By Heather L. Coates

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