Data Management Lab 2.0: Session 4 learning outcomes & activities

The series wrapped up with three attendees, only one of whom attended all four sessions. Despite the drop in attendance, the evaluations from the four who completed the final evaluations was positive. I’m analyzing the assessment data now for my presentation at IASSIST, but will link to the presentation in June.

There is definitely room for improvement, but there are some strong core activities. I’m looking forward to the PI version this summer and offering an expanded student version with more examples and case studies in the fall.

Session 4: Learning Outcomes

  • Identify your legal obligations for sharing and long-term preservation
  • Identify how ethical and legal obligations affect data protection and sharing
  • Identify tools and platforms for storing, managing, and preserving data
  • Identify the benefits to researchers of data sharing
  • Evaluate resources for sharing data and openly or publicly available data
  • Identify two technologies enabling data citation

Major activities & products

  • Data Management Plan (originally; scratched since most of those attending did not have an active project for which to complete a DMP)
  • Discussion about ethical and legal obligations for data storage and protection
  • Repository exploration and discussion about finding and reusing data
  • Find suggested citation and describe strategy for tracking citations to shared data
  • Select 2-3 strategies from the series to improve personal data management; pair and share

Products gathered for assessment

  •  none, for this group


By Heather L. Coates

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