All the things we do

The past few weeks have been absorbed by the rush that happens each new academic year. For me, this means reaching out to new public health faculty and students, lots of instruction (relatively, for a data librarian), along with the ongoing data education, resources, policy, and sharing efforts that happen throughout the year. Combined with two new service commitments, I find myself doing a range of tasks that is making my head spin.

In no particular order of importance:

  • meetings, database searches, & documentation for an in-depth literature review (consult for a public health faculty member)
  • instructional planning & materials prep for 3 undergraduate & graduate instruction sessions spanning environmental health to program planning to social & behavior science
    • following up with additional support after 2 of those sessions based on student assessment & instructor feedback
  • promoting & preparing for the fall line up of data workshops – topics span policy to planning to data discovery
  • help out with the Midwest Data Librarians Symposium (SO excited about this!)
  • chat with two new Purdue librarians about data and public health
  • dossier prep (deadline May 15) – reviewing my plan, identifying key themes, & drafting the outline for my performance statement (more to be shared on that soon)
  • preparing for a panel at the annual meeting of the Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association
  • work on a draft policy & guidance document for research data (!!!)
  • meeting to discuss pilot dossier analysis with partner; revise coding scheme, document discussion and coding
  • reading 3 reports for ACRL RPPC meeting (interesting reading; I probably wouldn’t have read these in such depth otherwise)
  • prepare for collection development meeting with other UL health sciences librarians
  • strategize with the charter group how the Library can use its organizational Box account (for institutional memory, shared materials, etc) to best effect
  • brainstorm the library response and support for the recipients of the IU Grand Challenges Program to encourage open access to the publications and data resulting from those programs (IUPUI faculty have an OA mandate, but other IU faculty do not)
  • weekly 2-hour chat reference shift
  • scheduling & conducting individual consultations for grad students taking Fundamentals of Epidemiology

There is less data services stuff in that list than I like to see, mostly because I have a lot of ongoing projects/efforts that are not making progress right now. Such is the first month of the semester, so I’m off to take my daughter to gymnastics and catch up on some reading! Tomorrow is mostly dedicated to data services and Center projects, with one service meeting.


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