Balance, goals, and time out

Reflecting back on 2015

2015 was a rough year. I realize now that my stress levels were exacerbated by not having enough time to deal with the mess that building a custom home became. Who expects their builder to get divorced, stop paying subcontractors, and file for bankruptcy, leaving us to deal with massive bills and liens against our new house? Not us, that’s who. The worst happened, or nearly so, and we survived it.

I replenished some of my reserves over the holidays and started taking anti-anxiety medication again, so 2016 is already going much better. Major life lesson learned – regular self-care is vital. I can’t afford to ignore my own needs like I did last year. Professionally, this left me in the uncomfortable spot of having to renege on a couple of things I really wanted to do. Another lesson learned – I didn’t have enough slack built into my schedule. The final major oops for the year was realizing how much disconnect there was between my goals and how I spent my time on a daily or weekly basis. I was spending too much time on unimportant things and not enough on the work I really care about and that fulfills me. So I rebuilt my task management system over the holidays to keep me focused on what is important. So far, it is working well and makes it pretty clear when my expectations are unrealistic.

Professional goals for 2016

  1. coordinate the Love Your Data event
  2. finish the research evaluation & metrics guide I started last fall
  3. finish the student RDM guide I started last fall
  4. submit my P&T dossier
  5. write manuscript on data literacy in public health and business with KM
  6. discuss data catalog for CTSI/IUSM sensitive data
  7. coordinate data bootcamp (likely in early fall)
  8. finish the first round of analysis for project with JO
  9. learn to use Rstats & ggplot
  10. keep building NVivo skills for qualitative analysis
  11. gather my thoughts about post-tenure goals (hubris? I hope not)


Personal goals for 2016

  1. wrap up the legal mess relating to building our new house <sigh, no really>
  2. take our first family vacation in two years
  3. buy a new car
  4. actually use my vacation time for fun and self-care
  5. choose a physical activity to do with D – possibly Aikido or Argentine tango lessons again
  6. knit something new in entrelac
  7. knit something new (besides scarves) in brioche stitch


Family Fun List

  1. Go to the beach (planned for May!)
  2. Hike in the mountains
  3. Take E for her first night camping out
  4. Go kayaking or canoeing with E
  5. Plant a tree together to honor Lumpy
  6. Take a family photo every month
  7. Eat somewhere new
  8. Cook together as a family
  9. Find a great donut shop in Indy
  10. Ride on a train
  11. Have a picnic at the park
  12. Visit a botanical garden
  13. Start a gratitude jar
  14. Go to Conner Prairie
  15. Go to a water park
  16. Go to a drive in movie
  17. Have family craft time
  18. Make a snowman together
  19. Go sledding in the park
  20. D will teach H & E to play video games (Mario Cart?)



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