evidence to demonstrate impact for promotion & tenure

I’m deep in the muck of writing my statements, gathering evidence, and figuring out how to visualize key points (stay tuned for my FORCE16 slides!) so I’ll just share the nitty-gritty for now.

Sources of evidence for my dossier

  • Attendance and evaluation data from workshops & other events
  • Slideshare – webometrics for presentations
  • ImpactStory – altmetrics for publications, map visualization for overall metrics
  • Google Scholar – citations
  • Service data from annual reviews (e.g., number of consultations, people/units served, etc.)

What types of evidence?

The bulk of my evidence will be at the item level (article, presentation, etc.), although there will be some qualitative evidence about my reputation as a scholar. I will not be using the Journal Impact Factor or any journal-level metric, for that matter. Once the data are updated and cleaned up a bit, I will share my tracking spreadsheet (yes, a spreadsheet). For now, here’s a template I adapt during faculty consultations. It still contains columns for JIF, particularly since we are a health sciences campus. Depending on the types of products and dissemination they have done, I typically add discipline-specific sources or informal metrics of use.

What types of impact?
(following the Becker Model)

  • advancing knowledge related to
    • data librarianship
    • library-based data services within the context of research support
    • trends in open access and use of citation and altmetrics in promotion and tenure dossiers
  • translating research into practice (TRIP) by applying evidence based practice principles for data service evaluation, instructional design (in-person and online), instructional assessment, advocacy and outreach, data citation, data management, collection development, etc.
  • community benefit – demonstrating my contributions to IUPUI, IU, data librarian/specialist community of practice, and academic librarianship

How I am presenting that evidence?

More on this after FORCE16, but let’s stop allowing promotion and tenure to be such a mysterious process. My full dossier (at least my portions of it – narrative, CV, evidence, appendices) will be shared openly here and in our institutional repository for anyone to read, criticize, and hopefully learn from.

By Heather L. Coates

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