Disconnecting to reflect

It has been a wonderful Thanksgiving and I am grateful to have some down time to reflect and rest.

It’s that time of the year when we begin discussing the annual review and I begin to reflect back on how things have gone this far. I still have a series of Deadlines and workshops before the semester winds down, so I’m taking this weekend to learn from my mistakes in 2016.  It seems I made many of the same old mistakes, along with a few new ones.

Here’s what I’ll be considering as I outline my annual review and develop my plan for 2017.

  • What goals have and have not been accomplished? How do these align with my priorities for the year?
  • Am I managing my time and energy realistically?
  • Is my current task management system working? Is it preventing me from over committing? Does it help me estimate time to completion? Does it facilitate setting weekly and daily priorities and task lists? 
  • What internal and external challenges do I face in balancing work/home/personal needs?
  • What experiences from 2016 do I value most? What situations from 2016 would I like to prevent in 2017?
By Heather L. Coates

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